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2012 Special Mentions

Case studies of Cities in Transformation
The Prize Forum was a dedicated platform for the 2012 Special Mentions to share their diverse urban development experiences as case studies for cities around the world. Each speaker presented their unique context, the challenges faced and the urban solutions they have sought.

The Forum was one of the highlights at World Cities Summit 2012.

Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize Special Mentions share their successes
The Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize, which honours outstanding achievements in creating vibrant and sustainable cities, went to New York City this year. However, six others still stood out.
Ahmedabad in India, Malmö in Sweden, Copenhagen in Denmark, Vancouver in Canada, Brisbane, in Australia, and AHT Group AG & SUN Development, Khayetlisha, Cape Town, South Africa, were awarded special mentions for their unique urban solutions.

The Prize Forum, held on the second day of the World Cities Summit, offered each city a dedicated platform to share their distinctive programmes, from transport to housing, quality of
life, and environment.

Opening the forum, the CEO of Singapore’s Housing & Development Board and Prize Nominating Committee member, Dr Cheong Koon Hean, commented that all the shortlisted cities shared a common theme. The cities’ investments did not only cover functional infrastructure, but they also invested in projects to achieve a higher quality of life in order to draw in and retain talent.

For example, Ahmedabad’s 10.6-kilometre land reclamation project along the Sabarmati River aims to provide waterfront recreational space. Brisbane has made its river a focal point; not only for transport but for leisure and other uses too, and Copenhagen has developed its harbour into a recreational space.

Leisure aside, the mayors also touched upon matters that brought their cities to the prize panel’s
attention. Green issues, a key concern for cities around the world, were also championed by these runners up.

Malmö has developed a carbon-neutral housing development and has a 100% gas-powered bus fleet. Vancouver’s mayor Gregor Robertson said the city was aiming to get 50% of commuters
out of cars and into walking or cycling by 2020. “We need to wean ourselves off fossil fuels and become more focused on a clean, green city,” he said.

Closing the forum, the speakers focused on challenges, rather than successes, and all six panelists agreed there was still a long way to go. Issues such as poverty, public health and continuing infrastructure investment will continue to surface and affect policymakers’ decisions.

This article was adapted from Solutions Issue 3 July 2012, a World Cities Summit Show Daily. Writer: Steinar Cramer. Read the full issue here.

Opening address (Presentation slides)
  Dr Cheong Koon Hean, CEO, Housing & Development Board, Prize Nominating Committee Member
Ahmedabad: Implementing practical, sustainable solutions for developing cities (Presentation slides)
  Dr Guruprasad Mohapatra, Municipal Commissioner, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
Vancouver: The evolving Vancouver model of city-building (Presentation video)
  HE Gregor Robertson, Mayor, City of Vancouver
Urban Renewal Brisbane - Brisbane’s urban renaissance (Presentation slides)
  Cr Angela Owen-Taylor, Deputy to the Lord Mayor on International Relations & Multicultural Affairs, Brisbane City Council
Cape Town: Violence Prevention through urban upgrading (Presentation slides)
  Michael Krause, Director, Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods (SUN) Development
Copenhagen: Driving sustainable solutions for regional “green growth” (Presentation slides)
  Mrs Pia Allerslev, Mayor of Culture and Leisure, City of Copenhagen
Malmö: Adopting an integrated and sustainable approach to urban development (Presentation slides)
  HE Ilmar Reepalu, Mayor, City of Malmö