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2010 Prize Laureate:
Bilbao City Hall

2010 Prize Laureate: Bilbao’s Transformation

City Of Bilbao As Presented At
The Shanghai Expo 2010

The World City Prize Forum is a dedicated platform for the Prize Laureates and all Special Mentions of the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize to share insights from their experiences in overcoming urban challenges.

Held on 29 June 2010, the Forum presented the challenges faced and solutions sought by the three World City Prize Special Mentions, Dr Jaime Lerner, the City of Melbourne and Mrs Sheila Dikshit, in their outstanding efforts in creating liveableand sustainable urban communities with a high quality of life.

Key Learning Points and Conclusions
Extracted from Faces of Urbanisation - World Cities Summit 2010 Publication, Centre for Liveable Cities, 2011

Full report of the event
Extracted from Liveable & Sustainable Cities for the Future – WCS 2010 Conference Proceedings, Centre for Liveable Cities, 2011