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Nominations for the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize must be initiated by independent third parties (Nominator), in any of the following categories:

  • Leading academics (e.g. professors in universities);
  • Government officials (outside of the city administration);
  • Heads of international organisations in the fields of urban planning, housing, transport management, urban design and architecture, energy conservation, urban policy and management, or other relevant fields.
  • Organisation in the public or private sectors
  • Non-government organisation (NGOs)
  • Academic institution

The Nominator should inform the city of their intention to nominate. Self-nominations are not accepted.

Nomination Guidelines

Evaluation Process

All submissions are evaluated through a rigorous two-tier process comprising the Nominating Committee and Prize Council.

  • The Nominating Committee reviews and examines submissions and recommends potential Laureates to the Prize Council.
  • The Prize Council reviews and selects the Prize Laureate based on the recommendations.

Both panels consist of prominent practitioners, policy makers, academics and experts from a wide range of disciplines in the public and private sectors.

2018 Nominating Committee and Prize Council



About the Prize

Judging Criteria

Prize Council & Nominating